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Welcome to the site of the Documentation and Comparative Law Office (GDDC) on the Internet.

Established in 1980 within the Attorney General's Office, the Documentation and Comparative Law Office (GDDC) provides assistance to the latter as well as to members of the Public Prosecution Service and the judiciary in matters relating to international cooperation, legal information, publishing of law journals and the use of the new technologies of information.

According to section 48 of Act nº 60/98 of 27 August (Statute of the Public Prosecution Service), it is incumbent on the GDDC to:

  • Supply legal assistance, collect, process and disseminate legal information, particularly in the field of european law, foreign law and international law, and carry out studies and disseminate information on comparative law systems, without prejudice to the powers conferred on other departments of the Ministry of Justice;

  • Cooperate in the organisation and processing of documents issued by international organisations;

  • Assist the Public Prosecution Service within the framework of international judicial and legal cooperation;

  • Take part in international meetings through professional magistrates or officials designated therefor, provide legal assistance to experts appointed to participate therein and cooperate with the country's representatives to International organisations;

  • Prepare, publish and distribute publications organised or directed by the Attorney General's Office or by the Attorney General;

  • Cooperate in disseminating the Portuguese legal system abroad, namely among Member States of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries;

  • Develop legal data processing and management projects falling within the powers of the Attorney General's Office, according to plans approved by the Ministry of Justice;

  • Perform such other functions as may be assigned to it as far as documentary and legal information is concerned.

By virtue of the Framework Law on International Judicial Cooperation in criminal matters (Act nº 144/99 of 31 August), the GDDC will provide information at the request of a foreign judicial authority on relevant Portuguese law to be used in criminal proceedings; it will also furnish information on foreign law upon request from a Portuguese judicial authority (s. 161).

In addition, the GDDC is the national body appointed under the European Convention on Information on Foreign Law to receive and transmit information on foreign and domestic law.

Come visit our Library

The library of the GDDC is open to the public (from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.). It is specialised in international law and comparative law, human rights and EU law; and contains approximately 12,000 monographs and 300 titles of law journals. Legal information available on the Internet and databases on the GDDC's Intranet may be accessed via the library; consultation of CD-ROMs in legal matters is also available there.

As far as its editorial activity is concerned, the GDDC is charged with the publishing of the Boletim do Ministério da Justiça and the Boletim de Documentação e Direito Comparado.

Where is the GDDC located?

The GDDC's offices are situated in the centre of Lisbon, in a building with history dating from 1946 by the Architect Pardal Monteiro; its façade is covered with tiles by Almada Negreiros and small ceramic sculptures attributed to Jorge Barradas.


Contacting the GDDC

If you wish to contact us in writing, our address is:

Gabinete de Documentação e Direito Comparado
Rua do Vale de Pereiro, 2
1269-113 Lisboa

The E-mail address is: mail@gddc.pt

Alternatively you can contact us by
Phone: (351) 213820300
Fax: …. (351) 213820301

Sobre o Gabinete de Documentação Direitos Humanos Pesquisa nas Bases de Dados Cooperação Internacional Publicações Notícias e Eventos Ligações Jurídicas Direitos Humanos

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